Smoked Tea

We blend and store our smoked tea in wood barrels to secure a smooth smoky cup! Russian will add milk and a currant or berry jam to sweeten.

Once considered to be a mans tea, the origins of smoked tea are accidental.

Was this the tea sipped by Anna Karenina?
In 1618 the Chinese ambassador presented Tsar Alexis with a gift of several chests of tea - and so began the Russian tea tradition. After the treaty of Nerchinsk in 1689, camel caravans started to bring tea regularly from China to Russia. The journey was long and difficult and took up to 16 months. The smoke of the campfires penetrated the tea, giving it a smokey taste. Today the tea is distinctive with an exotic smokey flavour, because after plucking, the leaves are withered over cyprus or pine wood fires. It is less intensely smokey and more subtle than lapsang souchong. Enjoy these most famous of all teas, the first to come to Russia.